Song | Poetry | Collage | Painting

A queer dreamer born in the Colorado prairie to two working class hippies, I learned to embrace the world with an impossibly tender heart, a kinship with nature's splendor and a keen grasp of class politics. 

These themes - class, queer theory and reverence of the natural world - are woven into my past and forthcoming work whether it be music, poetry or art. While many know me as the front person of my rock-forward bands Chumped (RIP) and katie ellen, my current career is focused more on my music output as a singer-songwriter and developing my CV as a creative writer and visual artist.  

No matter the medium, art is a conduit for joy, for pain, for progress. It is a healer and a herald; in it we find our unsung truths and a communion with the world. In making and sharing my truth, I strive for others to feel less alone in theirs.


I have performed on three continents and almost all 50 of the United States, recorded and written songs for film and television and by merging art and activism, have helped raise over $10,000 for transgender youth, undocumented families, sexual assault survivors and pro-Black progressive policy. I am a published poet and collage artist. I find true peace in a full cup of coffee. 

I now live and make in Philadelphia, PA with my partner and our pooch.