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A Letter To All We Have Lost: Image


a year of deflated balloons

No smiles seen

no hugs felt

Loss of human connection.

the innocence of friendship, once a bright light.

Delusions of what I was taught & thought was my native country.

before the pandemic.

all are created equal & are due equal respect and pay.

I have dropped

The ability to do unto others as you would have done to you.

Sadly it has not been working

My children no longer remember

A “normal” school year


loss of precious teenage moments

prom, education, parties, crushes, foolishness.

letting him play with the other kids on the playground

They’ve lost the freedom to properly interact with their friends.

the opportunity to grieve them

I’ve lost my former self.

my relationship, my job, my youth

There’s no more Gin

I picture myself in an ocean

Rome fell since I last saw my partner.

Reminiscing the warmth of your body heat through my radiator.

For a fragrant moment, roses dyed your path to eternity.

It kills me that I couldn’t save you.

A December 29th birthday. I wish I could thank you.

I wish I’d done more

Toast to the ones we lost along the way

I’ve lost




I lost

A little teeny bit of sanity, but it’ll come back

Found, a series of moments, not I, Found, Found, Found…

Letter 4.jpg
A Letter To All We Have Lost: Text
Letter 4.jpg


A Letter To All We Have Lost was a community collage & poetry project conducted in 2020. I wanted to create a piece that held space for our collective grief & isolation.

Community contributors submitted anonymously in tribute to what they felt they had lost in the year, either in word, image or both. The responses were as varied as the human experience. 

The poem & collages were produced by combining each response to form a collective sentiment, indicative of the way we have experienced much of this pandemic "alone-together."

A Letter To All We Have Lost: Image
A Letter To All We Have Lost: Pro Gallery
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