Wild River LP  + Book (2nd Press)

Wild River LP + Book (2nd Press)

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This is the 2nd Vinyl Pressing of Wild River


Order includes:


  • 12" White + Clear Swirl Vinyl
  • Signed, 30-page book of lyrics & poetry
  • Insert that doubles as a framable print


UK/EUROPE FRIENDS please order vinyl from Specialist Subject. You'll save on shipping!


You will not get a tiny piece of paper with a download code because the digital DL of the record is FREE/Pay What You Can on Bandcamp or on my website


    This record was pressed at Softwax Record Pressing, the only POC-owned pressing plant in America, and the book was printed at Fireball Printing, both Philadelphia-based small businesses. This pressing is limited to 200.

    Pressing records is, like many things, an economy of scale. The more you make, the cheaper they become. Shopping at Amazon costs less than shopping at your local boutique because buying in large quantities leads to a price break. Often times, we're pricing our records just to the physical cost of goods, not even considering the extremely-hard-to-quantify hours or years of work and the intellectual outpouring that goes into making a record. 

    For this project during this time, it was important to me to work with small, local businesses where I can see someone's face (masked, of course!) when I pick up (or when they graciously hand deliver).

    Moreover, this helps me reduce the carbon footprint of this record, already pretty large since books = trees and vinyl = stuff that can't be broken down, because I don't have to pay for shipping via jet plane or big stinky truck. These principals, coupled with the small run, means the cost of materials is higher. I hope you understand and are happy to support some nice folks and the planet  as much as I am!


    • Records will begin shipping May 12, 2021
    • I ship everything myself - (a one-alien operation). Patience is appreciated!